It's 3am; you're slogging through another application form, to another City law firm, accidentally tipping over another Red Bull. Again.

We get it. In fact, we've lived through it. That sinking feeling of seeing other people with the right university name or glittery A-Levels on their CVs race through assessment centres, while you have no clue why you're being knocked back by rejection after another? We relate so much we can write a dissertation on it. That’s why we set up STRIVE-to help students like you get ahead.


"How is Strive different to the other talent networks?", we hear you cry. Sure they are out there, but no one does it quite like Strive does it. Here’s how we’re challenging the status quo:

1. Diversity, reimagined

This is what diversity currently looks like in other well-known social mobility and diversity initiatives:

Proportion of "success story" candidates of similar diversity initiatives from Russell Group/Sutton 13 universities

Agency #1

Agency #2

Agency #3

An average 73% of "success story" candidates of 3 similar diversity initiatives are from Russell Group/Sutton 13 universities, a gross over-representation of the 36% of all UK university admissions to RG/S13s

Imagine a world where diversity is what it says on the tin: people of not just all shapes and colours, but different universities, grades and background. Crazy, we know. But too often we see "diverse" recruitment agencies offering to help only candidates who are already ready-to-go: your classic Russell Group uni, A*AA and Pres-of-RugbySoc profile.

That makes business sense, since they require minimal work to get them to an interview-ready stage. But here at Strive, we believe true diversity isn't watered down by business sense. You shouldn't have to fit that classic profile to get help with your applications. That’s why we look at the whole picture and go beyond tick-boxing. We look for potential in you rather than potential demonstrated by the school you attended or the university you attend.


2. Designed for students, by students

Uniquely specialising only in commercial law, our personalised programmes, "Spark" and "Supernova", are free for all participants, and designed by students just like you. Access:

  1. Networking with leading law firms

  2. Great additions to your CV, from work experience to carefully crafted workshops that demonstrate your teamwork, leadership and communication skills

  3. Intensive coaching on aptitude test, interview, application drafting and networking skills, by people determined to see you succeed.


3. Events: but not as you know it.

Our events are focused on learning and giving you as much of an understanding of your future world as possible. We think most panels are past their prime-besides, how exciting is it to sit in a room and listen to a partner drone on and on and on about their love for corporate finance which you know you’re going to forget by the time you’re home? Not very right? That’s why we are redefining events. Our events are fully immersive designed to help you understand the world you’re entering.                 


4. Diversity cutting both ways

Take a look at the websites of other talent networks; they work with a lot of the same law firms, and a fairly limited list at that. At Strive, we aim to present a diverse group of students, to a diverse group of firms. You choose to apply to firms not because there's little else on the list, but because you genuinely see yourself enjoying it there.

To join our programmes and membership, neither your university nor your high school matters. What matters is who you are striving to become tomorrow. Our hallmarks are:

  1. Determination: Mount Kilimanjaro level

  2. Richard Branson's Ambition

  3. Intellect beyond grades, e.g. entrepreneurship


  1. Must have attended a state school, and

  2. Tend to:

    1. Have ABB/320 UCAS points or above at A-Level or equivalent from any school (if you don't have this but have extenuating or exceptional circumstances we'd love to have you too!)

    2. Have achieved/be on track for 2:1 or above at degree level from any university

    3. Be diverse in many different ways - including but certainly not limited to:

      • Socio-economic status (e.g. low income household, eligible for free school meals, be the first generation to go to university etc.)

      • Health (e.g. suffer from a long-standing disability that affects your daily life)

      • Gender & Ethnicity

 It's over to you now. Ready to take this on?

From just being a Spark, to fulfilling your potential as a Supernova, you’ll be the star of STRIVE Programmes. Too corny? Sorry, we’ll stop.

STRIVE Programmes & Membership

STRIVE is proud to offer our 2 ground breaking programmes: Spark and Supernova.

Spark is aimed at first years, or those who are in the second year of a 4 year programme. It looks to light the fire that exists within to ensure that you are ready to hit the ground running by second year. Our Spark programme gives you access to Intro to the City workshops and tells you all you need to know to prepare to be your best when your time comes to apply.

Supernova is our flagship programme for penultimate year law students, and graduates who are looking to start applying for vacation scheme and training contracts.

Become a Spark or Supernova Associate (that’s what we call our programme candidates) and obtain:

  • 16+ hours of workshops,

  • Application support,

  • Mock interview and Assessment Centre support,

  • one-to-one mentoring,

  • Exclusive Associate only events,

  • access to STRIVE membership and more

You will also become part of the exclusive STRIVE family and make connections that will see you through today and beyond.


STRIVE Membership

In addition to our programmes, our free STRIVE membership gives all member students access to free resources, top news and updates, and exclusive events attendance throughout the year.

Become a STRIVE member by following the signup instructions here.