It is no secret that law remains a career for the elite: in 2018, only 28% of city firm trainees were state educated, while firms with an intake of less than 19% state educated trainees paid their trainees salaries of over £100,000 upon qualification in comparison to those with 60-80% state school trainee intake who paid just over £44,000 upon qualification. Despite so-called diversity schemes, change has been slow and diversity remains little more than a marketing campaign. At Strive, we believe diversity should go beyond tick-boxes, to encompass a range of universities and high school qualifications - without compromising the quality of candidates.


Our Process

We work closely with every single one of our candidates to ensure that we send you only the best. Nobody does interviews quite like us: our three stage process ensures that we build a complete profile of every candidate before we accept them onto our programmes. We use contextual recruitment at every stage of the process to find the best talent and develop them for success. Our programmes do the rest: we deliver 18+ hours of training, countless hours of one-to-one mentoring, support, and skills building to ensure that our candidates are ready to impress.


Our Candidates

Research shows that disadvantaged students outperform their advantaged peers in the workforce. Research also indicates that straight A grades are also not an indication of how good a lawyer a candidate will make. Our student recruitment and latest law firm hires reflect these findings. That’s why we search for potential rather than grades. We use Contextual recruitment combined with in-depth one to one 1+ hour interviews and monitor performance closely to identify high-flyers and prime them for success by bringing their skills out into the open.

Our candidates don’t neatly fit into one box. They’re not just BAME, or just State School because we understand that being BAME does not necessarily mean disadvantaged, and State School does not mean that every state school is equal. We are aware that tick-boxing and rigid contextual recruitment does not tell the full story. In a world that keeps calling for Diversity, we need to take into account Diversity of Backgrounds but this is a long and complicated process. That’s why we do it for you.


Our programmes

Built on a student-led consultation, our programmes combine the best of the city’s offerings and then some. No other programme is as in-depth or as focused to ensure that our candidates become the best they can be. Our numbers speak for themselves. On our supernova programme of 80 candidates, our candidates have received 60+ VS and TC offers from leading law firms.

2 Programmes to suit candidates at any stage

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Part of Strive's value proposition is our insistence on both our clients and our candidates playing a leading role in helping us design and revise our programmes. Find out how you can be a part of it today.