We nurture and develop THE BEST

We launched (officially) in October 2018 and are already making waves in the Industry. We are redefining Diversity a step at a time, and challenging the status quo. STRIVE is not just another Diversity Initiative; it is a movement.

We are changing the game through our 2 industry-leading programmes, Spark & Supernova and our Industry-leading membership schemes. We are proud to deliver the most comprehensive commercial law programmes in the City.



STRIVE is built on the experiences of being a state school candidate, female, BAME, and Muslim on a journey where we found ourselves to be a minority at every stage of the process. It is built on a journey that is familiar to scores of other candidates like us who are trying to navigate this new world. It is based on the potential we have seen in others, and from our experiences of trying to make a difference to the journeys of those who despite their unconventional backgrounds and the odds that are stacked against them, are trying to make it into the City.

We understand disadvantage, and we understand our candidates because we are them. We are you.



We are here to redefine diversity beyond categories of race and gender and make representative diversity in the City a reality. STRIVE exists to address the imbalance of diversity in City Law, to identify and nurture potential, and to ensure that there is an equal playing field.

STRIVE is also the response to the years and years worth of research that tells us time and time again the extent of inequality, that grades do not define intellect, that diversity is so much more than a tick in the box because tick boxing alone does not account for people’s individual circumstances, and most of all it is a response to the slow tide of change in City law.

our ethos

Strive believes in potential alone. Your past, race, background, should not be a deterrent to a career in the city. None of it matters. All that matters is where you are going rather than where you have been.

Our hallmarks are resilience, capability, and an ability to think outside of the box. We value dedication, commitment, self-motivation and most of all grit. Because gritters are not quitters, and Strivers never quit.


Here is just a snapshot of our core team: there are too many others (mentors, consultants) to name who have supported us along the way!


Sana Shafi

Co-Founder, Strategy & Development Manager


Bertilla Chow

Co-Founder; Programme & Candidate Manager


Claire Jutsum

Recruitment Consultant